General Practitioner

Located In Clinton Township, MI


About Dr. Alan F. Robinson

Dr. Robinson was born and raised right here in Macomb County, the oldest of four children. His parents still live in the same home in which he grew up in Warren. The Robinsons ran a family business, a Laundromat, where young Dr. Robinson worked alongside his parents and learned many Business and Life lessons as well as how to repair Washing Machines! Doctor is a proud 1974 Graduate of East Detroit  High School  --  GO SHAMROCKS!! During High School Dr.Robinson made his decision to choose a career as a Dentist due to his interest in Science, the desire to work with and serve people, and the fact that Dentists work with their hands. To  launch the journey, Dr. Robinson  began Undergraduate Study at Wayne State University in Detroit while working as first a Pest Control Technician, A Dock Worker at a Trucking Company, and finally a Relief Driver for a Uniform Company which continued until Graduation from Dental School. The work experience was a financial necessity but an invaluable life experience as well.

At the beginning of his 3rd year of Pre Dental studies at Wayne State University, Dr. Robinson was admitted to the University of  Michigan School of Dentistry and shortly thereafter the University of Detroit School of Dentistry as well. This posed a sweet dilemma. The University of Michigan School of Dentistry had just been voted the Number One Dental School in the United States by the Deans of all of the Dental Schools.  The University of Detroit School of Dentistry had long been thought to have one of the finest Clinical Dentistry Programs in the nation. After several meetings with the faculty of both Schools, Dr. Robinson chose the University of Detroit due to it's famed Clinical Program  as well as Work and Family considerations. During his training Dr. Robinson did rotations at Henry Ford Hospital Detroit and Detroit Receiving Hospital. Dr. Robinson did Clinical  Procedures at the University of Detroit Dental School and The University Health Center at the Detroit Medical Center.  At this time he provided Dental Care to patients of the Rehabilitation Institute while they were recovering from Closed Head and Spinal Injury.  

Shortly after Graduation, Dr. Robinson had the good fortune to purchase the Practice of Dr. Greg Prybis in Warren, MI which was eventually moved to Clinton Township, MI in it's present location. Dr. Robinson maintains a Solo Private Practice and is presently a  Staff Member of Henry Ford Hospital of Macomb.

Dr. Robinson is married to Barb and they have  5 Children and 6 Grandchildren.  When not at the office, Dr. Robinson enjoys anything with the Grandkids, Traveling, Reading, Gardening, Tinkering/Building/Fixing, Studying New Dental Techniques, Shooting, and of course Hunting!